10 Thanksgiving Decor Ideas To Impress Your Guests

thanksgiving decor

There is nothing quite like the perfect Thanksgiving decor to get you in the mood for the holiday season. Decorations are part of the celebration, and they can instantly elevate any space. Finding the right decor for your home, though, can come as a challenge if you don’t know where to begin.


Thanksgiving Decor Ideas to Spice Up Your Home

Decorations are a great way to breathe new life into any space. While holiday decor tends to focus more on Halloween or Christmas this time of the year, you can’t discount Thanksgiving.¬†Decorating your home for Thanksgiving is practically a tradition at this point. Sure, you can enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner without all the frills and ruffles, but decorations have a way of putting you in the right mood.

If you’re new to this or have simply hit a wall, here are the best Thanksgiving decor ideas to get you started.


1. Use a Classic Fall Aesthetic

If you’re looking for¬†Thanksgiving table decor ideas, this one is the simplest and easiest one you can do. It perfectly fits the holiday season, using the fall aesthetic as a focal point.

To start, lay down a strip of cloth on your dining table. Make sure to lay it down lengthwise. Any type of cloth that contrasts your tablecloth works here, though it is best to use a color that matches your fall aesthetic. Jutesack is a safe choice.

Then, carefully and strategically place your ornaments throughout the cloth strip. Use pumpkins and acorns of varying sizes. Add tall candles (and even short ones) for a cozier feel. Orange and brown leaves also add a new depth of personality to the look. You can use real leaves or fake ones, whichever suits your budget.

Placement plays an important role here. Make sure to space the ornaments out so that the entire display is pleasing to the eyes. While you can go big with grand ornaments or many of them, keeping it minimal gives off a more elegant appearance.


2. Go for a Minimalistic Take With a White Fall

If you want minimalistic Thanksgiving decorations, this white fall aesthetic works well. Simply place a strip of white cloth on your dining table and decorate it with springs of green. Add short, white candles to elevate the look. Then, place a small, white pumpkin on each table setting. Use a palette of whites and browns for a cleaner vibe.


3. Place a Touch of Fall Everywhere You Go

When you have guests over, they won’t stay in one place. Your dining table may be the centerpiece, but that doesn’t mean you should leave out the rest of the house. Sprinkle some fall feels by decorating end tables, corners, and consoles.

Thanksgiving day decorations can vary here, though even simple pieces will work. Use a combination of empty bottles, dried or fake sprigs or branches, assorted pumpkins, and candles. While orange and white are the main colors used, you can be more experimental, too. Creating your own color palette is always an excellent way to add some of your personality to the mix.


4. Add Some Coziness to Your Fireplace

When it comes to Thanksgiving holiday decor, you can never go wrong with a cozy fireplace. Give your fireplace a quick makeover by decorating it with overhanging vines, pumpkins, and fall plants. Keep it simple if you have a grand fireplace, or go all out if you have a more muted fireplace.


5. Greet Guests With Porch Pumpkins

Welcome your guests with a fall display at your doorstep. Use empty crates, orange and white pumpkins of varying sizes, leaves and branches, hay bales, acorns, and old-fashioned lamps to immediately inject fall feels into your home. Play with heights to give it a more dynamic and three-dimensional look. If you’ve run out of porch decorating ideas for Thanksgiving, this is an excellent place to start.


6. Aim for a Clean and Comfortable Living Space

Fall doesn’t have to be grand. In fact, you can instantly give your living space a Thanksgiving vibe by utilizing fall colors. For one of the best yet most straightforward Thanksgiving decoration ideas for the living room, play with orange and white. Invest in pillows in these colors, then break them out come the fall season. Add some books on display, a vase of flowers or two, and some candles to complete the look.


7. Make It Simple With Leafy Windows

If you don’t have much time to decorate, this quick and easy tip will help. Simply string some fallen leaves together and hang them up from your windows. Alternatively, you can use fake leaves or store-bought ones already strung together. Add a curtain to match the aesthetic and tie everything together. The best part about this Thanksgiving decor idea is that you can DIY it!


8. Give Your Bedroom a Thanksgiving Twist

Although guests probably won’t be in your bedroom, you can still give it a fall makeover. Pumpkin pillows, faux furs, dried plants, and fake pumpkins are great for a relaxed yet seasonal look. Stick to a color theme to avoid out-of-place decorations. If you have guest bedrooms, you can decorate them for Thanksgiving, too.


9. Match Your Driveway to the Holiday

Driveways are usually the first thing guests see when they come over for Thanksgiving dinner. Make an impression and immediately set the mood with driveway or walkway decorations.

Make sure to clean your driveway and then line it with pumpkins (real or fake, up to you). Invest in landscaping, preferably in plants that match the fall aesthetic. You might need to plan ahead, or you can hire a landscaper to do this for you. If nothing else, neighbors and passersby will love your commitment.


10. Plan a Thanksgiving Dinner in the Garden

If you have a backyard or garden, why not make Thanksgiving extra special this year by holding an outdoor dinner? Weather permitting, of course.

Decorate your garden by hanging up string lights, an easy way to make a space feel magical. Use a rustic bench dressed in white cloth. Complete the Thanksgiving look by strategically placing candles, pumpkins, and old-fashioned lamps. Make sure to use pumpkins of varying colors and sizes. Consider investing in rustic dinnerware, too, for a holistic experience.


The Bottom Line

Thanksgiving decor doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a few pieces and ornaments that you can use to quickly put together a good display. All you need to do is invest in them and look for ideas you can use as inspiration.



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