2023 Feng Shui Home Decoration And Arrangement Tips

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Feng Shui is a practice that promotes wellness, happiness, and positivity in a space like a home. You need to remember that Feng Shui home decoration and arrangements are not for aesthetic purposes. It signifies a meaning more than trends and traditions.

Feng Shui Tips for Home Decor and Arrangement

You must follow these design tips to bring a positive aura into your home. Always remember that you need to know the meaning behind each decor and placement and not mock this Chinese practice.

1. Declutter Your Place

First, you must deep clean your house and ensure that you will remove all the dirt. It is believed that dirt is where evil energy resides. Maintaining a neat and clutter-free place is also good for your mental health.

When decluttering, you will find items that you can use to improve your home’s current interior design. You will also be able to sweep the evil energy away from your home into the trash bins.

2. Keep Your Windows Open

feng shui design principles

You need to let the elements of mother nature into your home to start the year with a bright future. You must let the sunlight destroy bad vibes in your house. Choose curtains that are not too thick so that even if they are down, there’s still sunlight.

In addition, you must install transparent glass windows as they welcome more sunlight than regular ones. Aside from beliefs, it is an excellent way to elevate your space and modernize your home.

3. Throw Away Broken Clocks

One of history’s most famous Feng Shui home tips is throwing away clocks that do not function anymore. If you want to avoid getting rid of one with sentimental value, make sure that you bring it to the nearest repair shop as soon as possible.

If you aim for a vintage aesthetic, fix old broken clocks and make them a centerpiece for the living room or dining hall. It is convenient, so you will not waste valuable items you can still utilize.

4. Place Money Plants at the Front Door

Do you love plants and wealth? You can buy money plants and repot them. Put these plants at the front door and all other entries to your house. It is believed that by doing this, you will welcome wealth and luck into your house and life.

There are a lot of variations of money plants you can choose from. You can place the smaller ones in your windows or balconies for a prosperous year.

5. Install a Mini Fountain

Flowing water is a Feng Shui home decoration idea that symbolizes an excellent future for your career and business. Plus, it is very convenient to have a mini fountain because it is low maintenance.

If you have a spacious living room, you can position this mini fountain in a corner near the window. Aside from the sound it produces, it also adds something to the overall look of your living room.

6. Hang Positive Artwork Only

Feng Shui living room decoration

It is believed that in a Feng Shui home, there is no place for abstract paintings and those that portray war and violence. A negative aura will conquer your house when you don’t replace them with cheerful artworks like nature and family portraits.

You can ask Feng Shui artists to create a masterpiece that will bring joy to your home in 2023. Think of artworks that, when you see them, you will not feel any other emotions aside from happiness and thanksgiving.

7. Choose a Pastel Color Scheme

One of the Feng Shui 2023 house arrangements you must remember is to never choose darker colors. A pastel color scheme will bring light and happiness to your home, as believed by experts.

For example, buy light blue or pastel blue instead of dark blue curtains. To ensure texture variations, you can also buy pastel decorations with white stripes or patterns.

8. Place the Headboard Against the Wall

Do you have a bed with a headboard? Feng Shui experts say that for peace every night when you sleep, you must place it against the wall. Also, you avoid lining the bed with the bedroom door. Ensure that you can see the door when you lie down.

Speaking of bedrooms, pick neutral paint colors that are light and airy, like white and beige. You can also apply this color palette to your bed sheets and pillowcases to match your room’s overall aesthetic.

9. Rearrange the Placement of Your Stove

Experts believe you should not place your stove face to face with your sink because fire and water do not work together. It will bring conflict in your home and within your family. Hence, rearranging your kitchen is best for a peaceful family.

When painting your kitchen walls, do not pick red and black. You can choose softer colors like pastels or white if you don’t like too many colors.

10. Fresh Flowers on the Dining Table

Fresh Flowers on the Dining Table

The whole family gathers to eat and talk about each other’s lives in the dining room. In Chinese medicine, you must incorporate earth elements associated with digestion, like flowers. You can make flowers last a few days; just put clean water in their vase.

Also, you can put a mirror on the wall to see the whole dining table. It is a way to ensure that all family members are included and no one will be left behind.

11. Do Not Put a Sofa Near the Door

Ensure that your living room sofa and chairs do not block the path from the main door into your home. Nobody wants to block blessings, wealth, luck, and prosperity, so rearrange your living room furniture immediately.

Put a lamp in the corner facing the doorway diagonally to elevate the space even more. Remember to put plants inside to bring more natural elements and fresh air.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Good Feng Shui for a House?

If you are planning to buy a house and would like it to be aligned with Feng Shui, pick the south-facing one. It is the perfect direction to receive a lot of sunlight, signifying blessings and a bright future.

What Are the Rules of Feng Shui Architecture?

Feng Shui Architecture

You need a house that will welcome harmonious energy. Hence, choosing the one with a high ceiling and many transparent windows is recommended. Aside from sunlight, the good airflow in these houses is also good for your physical health.

Feng Shui Home Tips Are Only a Guide

Whether you follow these decoration and arrangement tips or not, it is still up to you to decide what you can do with your home. Feng shui is only a guide for those who believe in it. And besides, a lot of these tips are helpful practicality-wise.

There is nothing wrong with believing in something, but remember that your future depends on your actions. You can’t manifest or decorate your way out of your problems. Act with kindness and always pay respect to culture and traditions.


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