11 Entryway Decor Ideas For A Warm Welcome

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Do you want to decorate your house and streamline the design inside out? Start with the entryway decor. It is the starting point for visitors. It is essential to make an excellent first impression and to make your personality starting from the entryway.

Cozy Entryway Decor Ideas

In designing entryways, ensure that the decors are just enough and will look manageable and manageable. Here are 11 entryway decor ideas to give your home a warm welcome.

1. Area Rugs

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Once you step into the house, you will notice the flooring first. Placing an area rug will ensure good house insulation and add textures to the entryway. You can buy many rugs at flea markets or on the internet.

2. Patterned Floors

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Another eye-catching decor you can install in your entryway are patterned floors. It is popular among homeowners because it divides the welcoming area of their houses from the living room. You can experiment with a lot of patterns using tiles or bricks.

3. Artworks

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You can choose from millions of artwork designs to hang on your entryway wall. It can signify your taste in art or represent something you are proud of. You can also create your abstract artwork instead of buying one online.

4. Round Mirrors

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If you like taking a first glance at yourself right after entering your house, you can instead hang a round mirror on the wall. It is a classic foyer decor as it eats up a lot of space but, at the same time, does not clutter the whole entryway.

5. Multifunctional Furniture

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You can put furniture with a short width to showcase pieces you’re proud of, like a vase, a trophy, or a plaque. As a multifunctional piece of furniture, you can place your keys and mail here so you will remember them before you head out.

6. Skirted Bench

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If you prefer something other than tall furniture as entryway decor, you can customize a bench and put a skirt on it. You can store things without people noticing because it is hidden behind the lovely skirt wrapped around the bench.

7. High Shelf

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When thinking about entryway furniture ideas, one must go right with a high shelf. You can put something memorable to you. Place a statue on top of it and utilize what’s underneath as a hook for keys and jackets.

8. Boho Baskets

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Does your overall house theme scream boho and minimalism? You can always put baskets on a bookshelf and place them in your entryway. It will give you more storage for knick-knacks and can act as a decoration for your entryway.

9. Tall Plants

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You can never go right with putting plants in an entryway. Aside from contributing to healthier air inside the house, it will also act as a beautiful decor. Also, you can put small pots of plants on a table near the entrance to ensure the flow of the design.

10. Fun Wallpapers

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If you want to make a bold impression upon entering the house, you can install fun wallpapers with bright colors or interesting patterns. It will make the entryway eye-catching, describe the homeowner’s personality, or set the ambiance right away.

11. Floating Drawers

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Another on the list of entryway furniture ideas is floating drawers. If you need storage for keys and accessories before going out, you can rely on the functionality of these drawers. You can also make the color pop or blend with the wall paint.

12. Chandelier

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If your entryway does not have windows nearby, put rustic lights or even a chandelier on the entryway. It will add an exciting piece and, at the same time, be functional, as it can help you brighten up the area.

13. Sofa and Chairs

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This entryway decor only applies to those with a spacious entryway. You can place a small sofa or comfy chairs upon entry so guests can take a seat while you prepare the living room or kitchen to welcome them.

14. Murals

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Adding murals is an exciting modern entryway idea if you prefer something other than wallpapers or plain-colored wall paint. You can contact your local artists or find one online to ensure your idea will come to life.

15. Dressed-up Stairs

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If you have stairs near the entryway, decorate them for a more cohesive overall look. You can use carpet, paints or varnishes to dress up your stairs. But, ensure the stairs will be safe and easy to walk on.

16. Unique Keyholders

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There are tons of unique and exciting pieces in flea markets that you can buy, like an owl key holder. It can become a centerpiece of your entryway. But make sure that all the pieces fit the theme you envision.

17. No Clutter

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Lastly, if you have a square-shaped entryway, you can add a plant in the corner. It will look good on well-lit houses and gives off a minimalist feel, so make sure you clean the area regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Looks Good in an Entryway?

Various pieces will look good in an entryway, like round mirrors, patterned floors, unique key holders, texture rugs, boho baskets, multifunctional furniture, murals, reading nooks, chandeliers, and abstract artworks.

You need to understand that an entryway welcomes people in your house, so having the right decors will ensure that they feel your warmth and welcome when they walk in.

What Furniture Goes in an Entryway?

The best furniture to be in an entryway is a console table with drawers. You can decorate the top of the table with your favorite things like trophies, vases, and even plants. You can never go wrong with classic furniture like it.

A mudroom proves to be both decorative and functional, too. You can try to make it on your own!

What’s Your Favorite Entryway Decor?

There is no right or wrong way to decorate an entryway because what matters most is that it should be to your liking and must be functional. You can look for entryway decor ideas online if you still need inspiration.

Be patient in creating the entrance to your home because all will be worth it. It is true, especially when guests who come over will compliment you about your taste in design.


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