17 Fall Decor Ideas For Your Home And Neighborhood

fall decor ideas

Coming up with fall decor ideas can be challenging, but they’re certainly worth the effort if you want to beautify your home during the autumn season. Here are some of the best decor inspirations you can try out.


Fall Decor Ideas for the Home

Eager to redecorate your home for the autumn season? Here are some fun and creative fall decor ideas you can try.

1. Entryway Welcoming Decor

Good entryway decor is vital for making a good first impression. Why not revamp your entryway with some fall home decor? You can include autumn-themed ornaments like pumpkins and dried leaves. Make sure to keep the color scheme in line with the season.


2. Fireplace Ornaments

As fall approaches, your fireplace will likely be used more and more. People are more likely to flock to it, so it’s important to keep it presentable. You can decorate it with pumpkin ornaments and even autumn-colored plants. Don’t neglect this crucial part of your home — even if it is a bedroom fireplace!


3. Doorway Decorations

What home redecoration would be complete without doing a front door redesign? Take this opportunity to adorn your front door with an earthy green wreath. You can even add potted plants with brown leaves, a whole host of pumpkins, and candles to set the mood!


4. Fall Porch Decor

In need of some fall decor ideas for the porch? If your porch has outdoor seating, this gorgeous design is perfect! It simply surrounds the outdoor seating with dozens of flowers of varying colors. You can complete the outdoor fall decor by adding Christmas lights and candles.


5. Thanksgiving Decorations Table

With fall comes Thanksgiving, and with Thanksgiving comes family dinners! Given that such a big celebration is coming up, paying careful attention to your dining table is important. Use brown napkins and swap out your placemats with wooden ones. You can also use decor pumpkins and earth-colored plants for the centerpiece.


6. White Thanksgiving Table

Earth tones are great, but they’re not particularly elegant. Thankfully, fall decorations for the home aren’t limited to earth tones. Your Thanksgiving table can also use an all-white color scheme to welcome autumn. Just use pumpkins, dried leaves, candles, and wood to keep everything in theme.


7. Kitchen Countertop Decor

Dining tables aren’t the only ones that can feature autumn ornaments. Give your kitchen countertop some love by placing fall-themed decor like pumpkins, candles, and plants on top! Place all the ornaments in a brown wicker tray to make the design look more cohesive.


8. Couch Pillow Covers

There’s not much you can do to a couch to make it look fall-themed. Adding ornaments and decor pieces could clutter the couch and make it less comfortable. But you can easily keep your couch in theme by swapping out your pillow covers! Make sure to use fall colors like cream, orange, beige, or brown. You can also add a throw blanket to add some texture.


9. Coffee Table Centerpiece

Your living room coffee table is perfect for showing off a meticulously-designed centerpiece. Plus, it’s one of the easiest fall decorating ideas to pull off! Just place some scented candles on a wooden tray. Ensure each candle is placed at a varying height to add depth. Afterward, place a pumpkin and some dried plant decorations to fill the empty spaces!


10. Fall-Themed Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important places to redecorate. After all, you spend most of your time relaxing in the bedroom. Why not make it cozy and fit for fall? Add Christmas lights on your desk and along the walls near the ceiling. You can also use some autumn leaf garlands to make the walls look less empty. Add some candles and plants here and there, and you have a cozy autumn bedroom!


11. Bathroom Decor

There aren’t a lot of fall decorating ideas for the home if we’re talking about the bathroom. After all, you cannot work with much space unless you have a big restroom. But if you have the space to squeeze it in, why not add a wooden tray on your bathroom countertop? Then just place the hand soap, a small plant, and a decorative pumpkin on top. Simple!


12. Kitchen Shelving Ornaments

If you have open kitchen shelving, adding some fall-themed decor is a great opportunity. Add pumpkins, candles, small Christmas lights, and even dried plants where you find space. These are guaranteed to make your kitchen look in theme, and the warm tones will naturally make your space look more inviting!


13. Fall Home Entertainment Decor

We can’t leave out your living room home entertainment area. Living room televisions attract much foot traffic, so they should look as pretty as possible! But this doesn’t mean you must go overboard and fill every empty space with decorations. A few candles, pumpkin ornaments, and dried plants are enough to keep things in line with the autumn theme. Ensure everything has a set color palette using oranges, browns, beiges, and whites!


14. Fall Beddings and Decor

Adding some lovely plants and autumn-colored ornaments can go a long way if your bedroom has open shelving. But, what truly brings the whole design together is the color-coded linen. Something as simple as swapping out your pillow covers and blankets with fall-colored bedding makes a huge difference!


Bonus: Fall Decor Ideas for the Community

Your home isn’t the only one that can incorporate fall decor. Why not encourage the rest of your community to welcome the season with fall-themed designs? Here are some beautiful ideas you can try.


15. Pumpkin Pool

Do you have a community pool? What better way to decorate it for fall than by adding pumpkins every few feet? You can also introduce fall-colored flowers in pots to complete the aesthetic.


16. Clubhouse Fireplace Decorations

Does your community clubhouse have a fireplace? If so, it’s the perfect place to add some decorations this fall season! Use leaf garlands and Christmas lights to decorate the top. Add some flowers, fall fabrics, signages, pumpkins, and other ornaments to the design. These may seem simple, yet they go a long way and can truly help your community feel special!


17. Park Decorations

Your community park is the part of the neighborhood that’s most aligned with the theme. After all, tree leaves change color and shed during this season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the park anymore. This decor idea layers wood logs to create an interesting outdoor shelving unit. It also adds pumpkins, candles in glass containers, and flowers everywhere to make everything look cohesive!


Beautify Your Home and Neighborhood

There’s no better way to beautify your living spaces than by incorporating fall decor ideas during autumn. They welcome the fall and keep your home looking warm and cozy despite the changing temperatures!


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