10 Tips On How To Prepare Your Home For Fall

prepare your home for fall

As the seasons change, it’s often a good idea to prepare your home for fall.¬† After all, the temperature is shifting, and your home will have different needs. It’s also wise to get a head start on preparing for Christmas and the winter months.


Best Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

There are many things to do when it comes to preparing your home for fall. You need to clean various parts of the house, change your sheets, and even redecorate if you want. Here are our top tips to keep your house in the best shape.


1. Do a Deep Clean

You often hear of people doing¬†spring cleaning once winter ends. But fall is also a good time to do a deep clean of the house. It’s the perfect time to prepare your home for the winter months. After all, you’ll likely lose access to a few luxuries and won’t be able to clean some parts of the home once the snow falls.

To do a deep clean, add your house’s fixtures to your fall cleaning checklist. Don’t just sweep the floors and dust the shelves. You should also wipe the windows, clean the blinds, and dust the skirting boards. Moreover, remember to clean often neglected areas like the tops of cupboards and lampshades. You should also give your fridge and oven a deep cleaning.


2. Clean Your Gutters

fall home maintenance checklist

The gutters should be part of your fall home maintenance checklist. Check your gutters for twigs and fallen leaves that often come in autumn. Make sure to clear your gutters every week to ensure proper water flow.

You can clean the gutters yourself by scooping out the debris. However, you can also save time and effort by hiring a professional cleaning service.


3. Clean the Fireplace

One of the most neglected parts of the house is the fireplace, but it certainly shouldn’t be, as the fireplace will likely see more use during autumn. This is especially true for bedroom fireplaces you may use more often at night. That said, part of your fall home prep should include fireplace maintenance.

To clean your fireplace, you can line it with newspaper. This can catch all the loose dust and ashes you collect as you shovel and sweep the area. You can also use a brush to clean off the soot likely accumulating on the bricks. You can use warm water and baking soda if they’re hard to rub off. Use a sponge to clean the leftover dust and soot.


4. Keep Your Home Insulated

fall cleaning checklist

Getting your home ready for fall means keeping your home insulated. This can reduce your energy bill and preserve some of your household items. Moreover, proper insulation may even reduce mortality.

To insulate your home, ensure that your keyhole has proper protection. Use a fitted cover to control heat loss. You can install a letterbox if necessary. Moreover, you should use a draught excluder in the gaps between your floor and door. You can also use foam to fill other gaps to warm your home.


5. Check Your Radiators and Boilers

Get your home ready for fall by making sure your radiators and boilers are in top shape. To do this, you can have your boiler serviced to ensure it’s safe and efficient. Also, remember to bleed your radiators to get rid of trapped air. This can help the water circulate so you don’t waste energy.


6. Declutter Your Home

One of the best fall home cleaning tips we can offer is to do a decluttering. People often only sweep, dust, and mop their living spaces and think they can leave it at that. But decluttering is crucial if you want a completely clean home.

Consider donating unwanted items like homeware, furniture, clothes, and electrical items. Take a peek at your kitchen cupboards and see if there are items you’re not using. If you have lots of unwanted food, you can donate them to food banks if they’re not expired. Doing these gives you a cozier, more spacious home and helps those in need.


7. Set the Mood With Fragrances

get your home ready for fall

Apart from cleaning, you can prepare your home for autumn by setting the mood. Use fragrances to make the atmosphere more cozy and comfortable. Consider purchasing scented candles and diffusers with scents that you like. You can also use these as decorative pieces that can make your home look and feel inviting.


8. Change Up the Colors

With autumn comes the changing colors of nature. Why not mimic nature’s changes and change your home’s colors as part of your fall house prep? Mix in subtle hues of deep red, orange, brown, and yellows in your space. You can introduce various decorative items or swap out your curtains.

Apart from this, you can also paint the walls and even re-upholster furniture to suit the aesthetic. This will instantly elevate your living space and make it warm and homely.


9. Use Warm Lighting

The nights are longer during the fall, so paying attention to lighting is necessary. That said, consider using warm lighting to create a more relaxed atmosphere around the house. You can swap out your old bulbs for LEDs with color-changing capabilities. In addition, you can even add more lighting in your living room, on tables, and across the floor.


10. Consider Air-Purifying Houseplants

prepare your home for autumn

Air quality is often neglected by homeowners. However, it’s vital if you want to have the best living experience. Poor air quality can lead to allergies and various other diseases. Thankfully, you can resolve this issue by purchasing an air-purifying houseplant. The best one to buy is the philodendron. Other good options to prepare your home for fall include the Calathea, Ficus, Peace lily, Aloe, Snake Plant, Anthurium, ZZ plant, Chrysanthemums, or Sansevieria.


Get Ready for the New Season

It’s not always easy to prepare your home for fall, but it’s certainly worth the time and effort. After all, your home is where you spend most of your time apart from work. Keeping it clean, comfortable, and beautiful will improve your overall quality of life. Make sure not to neglect home improvement this autumn season.


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