HOA Spring Cleaning: Getting Your Community Spring Ready

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Spring is wonderful time, as snow melts away and flowers start blooming. But, for most communities, it also signals an important event: HOA spring cleaning.

What to Add to Your HOA Spring Cleaning Checklist

As winter comes to a close and springtime nears, people are excited about the change in weather. They can open their windows, spend more time outside, and frolic on the beach. And a traditional part of the change in seasons is spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is something that most people do. It’s one of those things that take place no matter which state you live in. If you’re getting ready for HOA spring cleaning in your community, here’s what you need to know.

1. Do a Walkthrough

It’s always a good idea to start with a walkthrough of your community. While you might have a set schedule for maintenance and repairs, doing a walkthrough inspection will help you identify what to do first. It will also allow you to pinpoint things that you would’ve otherwise missed.

Check all the common areas, walls, fences, entryways, and interiors. Don’t forget about the rooftops and foundations, too, as those are easy to miss. Harsh winter weather could’ve knocked some shingles loose or destroyed part of a fence. Falling tree branches could’ve also done a number on roofs and other surfaces.

While you’re at it, you can do a visual inspection of the homes in your neighborhood. If there are things that call your attention, you may want to give a friendly reminder to homeowners. Don’t immediately jump to sending them a violation letter. Winter has only come to a close, so they probably didn’t have enough time to get everything in order yet.

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2. Opt for a Deep Cleaning

You can’t have a complete spring cleaning in your homeowners association without a good wash. But don’t get out that trusty bucket and brush just yet. Chances are you have a lot of areas to clean, so doing it the old-fashioned way won’t cut it. Instead, opt for a power wash for a really thorough cleaning.

This is also the perfect time to refinish or repaint. If you feel like your facilities are looking worse for wear, a fresh coat of paint might just do the trick. Ensuring your common areas and amenities look their absolute best is a big part of curb appeal.

3. Don’t Forget About Landscaping

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Landscaping can add so much character and charm to your community, so make sure not to leave it out of your checklist. To get your community ready for the new season, here are some reminders for landscaping:

  • Get rid of all winter debris, such as broken branches and dead leaves;
  • Trim trees and bushes;
  • Remove weeds;
  • Apply a new layer of mulch to garden beds and around trees; and,
  • Fertilize.

You can stick to your usual landscaping design, or you can switch things up this year. There’s nothing quite like a fresh landscaping scheme to inject new life into a community. Because you typically can’t do landscaping alone, it’s best to hire a vendor for the job.

4. Inspect Water Systems

Flowers and plants thrive in the spring season, but they can’t survive without water. And water becomes even more important during the summer months. So, it stands to reason that your irrigation system should get a check-up as well.

Make sure your water systems, including your sprinkler system, are good to go. Do an inspection (or have one done for you by a professional) to ensure that everything’s working properly. Check the pipes and hoses while you’re at it.

Finally, don’t forget to set a timer for your sprinkler system. Plants and flowers, depending on the type, require constant watering or else they’ll wither. And no one wants to see that.

5. Get That Pool Ready

clean pool | HOA spring cleaning

No HOA spring cleaning is complete without pool maintenance. Gone are the days of cold winter weather. Spring is here, which means it’s time to take out those swimsuits from storage. Pretty soon, you’ll hear the sound of splashing water and summer bops on the radio as everyone gathers in the pool area to cool down.

But you can’t have all of that if you don’t get the pool ready for the new season. You probably closed your pool during the winter months, so it will need a good cleaning before reopening. It’s also best to have a professional come in to inspect the pool and do some maintenance.

6. Safety

While ensuring the safety of residents isn’t primarily the HOA’s responsibility, it does play an important role. You should use this time to catch up on safety inspections and maintenance.

Hire a professional to conduct elevator inspections and repairs. You should also make sure all playground equipment is safe and functional. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in all common areas. Fire and health inspections are also crucial.

7. Communicate Plans

With all of this going on in your community, you want to make sure to keep residents in the loop. Let them know ahead of time about everything that will happen, such as any construction projects or inspection procedures. Residents have their own schedules to follow, so the last thing you want to do is put a damper on that, especially if your projects involve a lot of loud noises or inconveniences.

Most homeowners associations have different communication channels available to them. You can send an email or text blast, post an announcement on social media or your community website, or include it in your weekly newsletter.

This is also a good time to send out reminders to residents. Remind them to do their own spring cleaning to get their homes ready for the new season. You can also ask them to submit any of their concerns or questions about spring cleaning. Perhaps they have a complaint about uneven concrete or a broken gate that you didn’t notice.

A New Beginning

For many associations, HOA spring cleaning is the beginning of something new. It marks the start of another round of spring and summer festivities. But it’s also essential to the successful operation of a community.


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