7 HOA Spring Activities To Welcome The Springtime

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As the last of the snow melts away, and birds fly back from migration, communities are likewise preparing for the return of spring. And what better way to welcome the new season than to plan your HOA spring activities?

Fun HOA Spring Activities to Plan for Your Community

Have you ever just sat by your window on a cold winter night, waiting for spring to come along? Now that it’s just around the corner, HOA communities are gearing up for the big change. Harsh weather will soon be no more, and it’ll be easier to spend time outdoors once again. A great way to welcome spring and unite the community is to hold springtime events. Here are the best spring activities for your HOA community.

1. Nature Walks

Nothing says spring quite like the vibrant colors of flowers and plants. If you have a large neighborhood with plenty of green spaces or walking trails, a nature walk should definitely be on your list. Get everyone together and do some exercise outside. Breathe in the fresh air as you catch up with your neighbors and admire your surroundings.

You can organize a nature walk by gauging interest and having residents sign up. You can even open the walk to guests if you so choose. Then, have everyone meet up at a designated spot bright and early. After that, it’s really up to you. Plan your route, pack some snacks and refreshments, and get on moving.

If it’s such a hit, you can even make it a regular thing. Maybe have scheduled nature walks every other weekend. It’s the perfect way to appreciate the community, bond with fellow residents, and get your heart pumping at the same time.

2. Easter Egg Hunt

With springtime comes Easter, and you know what that means: an Easter egg hunt! Unlike nature walks, an Easter egg hunt is an HOA spring event that you can really only do once a year. This is especially great if you live in a community with many kids.

Plan your Easter egg hunt ahead of time. Advertise the event and get a head count of attendees. This will give you an idea of how many eggs to hide and how big a space you’ll need. Fill up plastic eggs with candy and hide them around the neighborhood. Make sure to hide enough so that every child goes home with a basketful of eggs.

easter egg hunt | HOA spring activities

3. Pool Parties

Spring comes right before summer. And while summer pool parties are more common, there’s no reason you can’t have spring pool parties, too. Just make sure to schedule it towards the end of spring when it’s not too cold anymore.

As with any activity involving a pool, you want to make sure everyone’s safe. You can hire a lifeguard for the party or assign an adult to act as a pool monitor. Put out some snacks and beverages for everyone to enjoy. Don’t forget to play some music to really get the vibe going.

And, just because it’s a party doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply anymore. Everyone should still follow the rules, especially those relating to safety.

4. Cookout or Street Party

A street party or cookout hits differently after a long and cold winter. It’s just what people need to warm them up. Everyone can enjoy each other’s company, nosh on delicious grilled meats and veggies, and dance the cold away.

To make your street party more interesting, try using a fun theme. Themes give you a general direction for decor and attire. Plus, they tend to result in a higher homeowner turnout. If it’s a simple yet memorable event you’re looking for, a street party or cookout is definitely one of the better HOA spring activities out there.

5. Yard Sales

Want to get people moving and mingling while also letting them earn some extra cash? A yard sale is a perfect fit!

You can hold a community-wide yard sale and allow homeowners to open up their garages for a set period of time. This will encourage residents to do some spring cleaning and find another home for the stuff they don’t use anymore. It also gets neighbors talking about their shared interests and memories.

If you want to keep things concentrated in one space or if owners don’t have garages, your association can organize a yard sale in a common area. A clubhouse or a community center works great for this. There, owners can set up their own tables to display the things they want to sell. You can even open the event to outsiders to get more foot traffic.

garage sale | HOA spring activities

6. Outdoor Movie Marathon

If you’re looking for an easy spring event for your HOA, try an outdoor movie marathon. Watching movies isn’t exactly the most popular outdoor activity, but it does get people outside. And people would surely rather spend time outdoors after being cooped up indoors for the longest time.

All you need to make this work is a movie projector and screen. There are a lot of places that offer them up for rent. If you feel like outdoor movie nights are going to be a regular part of your calendar, consider investing in the projector and screen instead.

Keep the movies family-friendly. Don’t forget to check if there’s a licensing fee, too. Instead of providing chairs, ask everyone to bring their own. They can even just use a picnic blanket or beach towel to sit on. And, if you can swing it, provide snacks and refreshments to really give it that movie theater feel.

7. Carnival

If you have the budget and time to plan a grander springtime event, go for a carnival. Carnivals are great because they’re suitable for all ages. There’s something for everyone – activity booths, small rides, and carnival food!

You can hire vendors to set this up for you and get local restaurants to participate as well. Have someone do face painting and balloon animals to complete the experience. This is especially fitting if you have a larger community, though you can invite outsiders to come, too.

You can also enjoy a carnival even without vendors. Simply ask homeowners to donate items for the activity booths. Common activities include the water balloon toss, a ring toss, Spin the Wheel, and more.

An Event for Everyone

community activity | HOA spring activities

Spring is a wonderful time of the year, filled with new beginnings and joyous events. Say goodbye to the cold winter by planning HOA spring activities for everyone to enjoy. There’s an activity for every type of association and every size budget. All you really need to do is put in the effort.


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