9 Community Block Party Ideas The Neighborhood Can Enjoy

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It can take a lot of work to think of community block party ideas to bring your neighborhood together. However, finding the right theme or activity can greatly impact how people respond to the invitation. Here are some interesting neighborhood block party ideas if you’re not sure where to start.

Fun Community Block Party Ideas

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Not sure what to do at a block party? Here are some ideas for block parties to get you started.

1. Water Gun and Balloon Fights

Pool parties are great but not always feasible if you’re organizing a big block party. Plus, there are a lot of pool safety rules to follow to prevent accidents. However, just because pool parties aren’t always feasible doesn’t mean you can’t have some water-related activities.

Water gun fights and water balloon fights are great alternatives to pool parties. They may need a bit more prep work to achieve, but they’re one of the most fun block party ideas. You can even substitute the fighting for water balloon toss games.

All you need to do is buy some water guns and water balloons to start. Then fill them up with water, and you’re good to go.


2. Sidewalk Pictionary

A great way to have some family-friendly fun with neighborhood block party activities is to do a sidewalk pictionary. You only need a pictionary board to start. Alternatively, you can also draw on the sidewalk, so you don’t have to buy boards.

Afterward, divide the participants into teams and assign their places on the sidewalk. Then give them a word or phrase to draw. The team that guesses the right word first wins the game.


3. Limbo

Hosting a game of limbo is one of the best block party ideas on a budget. You only need to get a long stick or pole. For the party, you can leave it as is or put some more effort into it by painting the stick. You can also use streamers, colored paper, or markers to decorate it.

Afterward, the only thing left is to do the limbo at your block party. Everyone of all ages can join, including kids, adults, and even the elderly. You can even divide the limbo into leagues for kids and adults.


4. Tug-of-War

One of the best block party game ideas for adults is Tug-of-War. It’s a classic game most people should be comfortable with. Most people should already know the rules because it’s so common.

You only need some rope and an equal number of participants. Then divide the participants into two teams to tug on either side of the rope. It’s a physical activity that everyone can join. Moreover, it fosters teamwork and camaraderie as everyone pulls their weight.


5. Potato Sack Race

Potato sack races are a great way to foster teamwork and team spirit. It’s also a lively event for both participants and spectators. You only have to get enough potato sacks for each participant. Alternatively, you can also use pillowcases as long as they reach the waist. Then let each participant place both legs into the sack. They’ll need to jump to the finish line to win. The first one to get there wins the race.


6. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are a fun way to get everyone involved. You just have to get some construction paper and scissors. Then just cut up the construction paper into different shapes. Afterward, hide them around the block party area and note down their locations.

Once that’s done, you can let everyone participate in the treasure hunt. You can let them list down the different locations of each shape or collect the shapes they find. The participant who finds the most shapes wins the game.

You can also motivate the players by offering prizes for first, second, and third place. After the game, everyone can gather for some dinner or light refreshments.


7. Karaoke

This idea might be a bit challenging to pull off, especially if your neighbors aren’t particularly extroverted. However, it’s a fun way to bring people together. You only need to enlist the help of more outgoing people to make it fun.

All you need to prepare is a cheap karaoke microphone and a sound system. Then put some family-friendly music on that everybody can sing along to. It’s a great way to break the ice and help everyone let loose.


8. Outdoor Family Movie

Whether you pair this with another activity or use it alone, an outdoor family movie is a great way to unite people. It’s a relaxing activity that everyone can enjoy. You only need to rent a projector, bring a white sheet, and set it up using some plywood.

Then ask the families from your neighborhood to bring their own sleeping bags and pillows. You can also bring some popcorn to add to the experience. Afterward, just put on a family-friendly movie and enjoy the film.

It’s certainly one of the best community block party ideas for adults. The idea is especially compelling if the other activities are too physical for your neighbors.


9. Pet Parade

Pet parades are one of the best block party ideas for seniors. It requires no jumping or running around — just enjoying and having fun with various pets in the neighborhood.

Of course, it’s not always easy to organize a pet parade. Nonetheless, it’s a worthwhile experience if your neighborhood is pet-friendly. Just pick a theme, get the necessary permits, and show off your pets. Owners can even walk with their pets if they’re a bit shy.


Don’t Forget the Food

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Food is an essential part of fostering relationships. Research has found that eating with others makes you feel happy and satisfied. That’s why we can’t leave food out at a block party. Here are some ideas for how to set up the food.

1. BBQ

One way to serve food is to set up an outdoor barbecue. Families can bring their grills and even bring their favorite recipes to cook. Then everyone can share in the meal and eat after all the games and activities.


2. Potluck

Meal planning can be difficult for big block parties. One way to simplify things is to make it a potluck. Just ask each family to bring a dish to the party. You can even make an online list of each family’s food contribution.

It’s a great way to save money and distribute the workload. Moreover, it lets others show off their cooking skills and gives them a sense of shared responsibility.


3. Pizza Party

Ordering pizza is the easiest way to provide food at your block party. You only have to order from a local restaurant and have it delivered at the right time. It simplifies the process and takes a load off your shoulders. Moreover, it’s easier to clean up than barbecues and potlucks. However, it can be expensive compared to other options.


How to Organize a Community Block Party

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Picking the best community block party ideas is only half the battle. The next thing you have to do is know what and how to plan. That said, here’s what you must do to organize a community block party.


Delegate Tasks

There are lots of fun ideas for block parties you can try. However, regardless of what you choose, you need to stay organized. That’s why delegating each task to a different person is important. Moreover, delegation clarifies areas of responsibility. This helps you know who to talk to when something goes wrong in a specific aspect of the party.


Organize a Safety Team

Apart from delegating organizational tasks, you can also enlist the help of your neighborhood watch volunteers to keep things safe. This ensures that responsible people are watching for potential problems or petty crimes. Publicly declaring their presence will also help people know who to consult if something happens.


Clean Before and After

A dirty and disorganized environment can pose some health and safety hazards. Hence, you must clean up before the event starts. Make sure to clear the area of anything that might injure or trip people. We also recommend stationing trash cans and recycling bins around the block. This helps people throw trash in the right places and keep the place clean.


Have First Aid Ready

It’s always good to have first aid supplies ready at any event. Bring band-aids, emergency medicine, and other first-aid supplies to the party. Keep them in a box or first-aid kit and assign an overseer.


Apply for a Permit

Most cities require permits for block parties. For example, the city of New York has specific rules to follow and requires organizers to apply for a permit. Many others have similar rules, especially if the party isn’t on private property. Make sure to get the appropriate permits before you host your block party.

Apart from this, remember to get the permission of your neighbors and HOA. You don’t want to get in trouble by breaking the rules. Moreover, remember to follow all their regulations so you don’t get into a conflict.


Fun for Everyone

Finding the right community block party ideas to implement can be tough. However, it’s truly worth the effort if you want to throw the best party. You can use one of our suggestions or even mix and match them to make the event more engaging. Just make sure to keep things safe and family-friendly. Most importantly, have fun!


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