Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men? Here’s The Truth

do women need more sleep than men

Do women need more sleep than men? Both genders have the right to a good night’s sleep, but do they both have the capability to do so quickly? This article will dive into this interesting topic and answer these questions for further understanding.

Why Do Women Need More Sleep?

Women need more sleep mainly because of biological factors like hormonal changes and fluctuations. Here are some significant reasons women need a slightly longer sleep than men.

Increased Risk of Sleeping Disorders

women risk of sleeping disorders

Sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless legs syndrome affect women 40% more than men. They often toss and turn for a long time before they can finally sleep for only a few hours.

On top of this, the lack of sleep negatively affects women’s mental health, which makes them more tired throughout the day. The human body is a highly complex system, so there is still a long way to go in figuring out ways to address specific health issues.

Hormonal Changes

Women experience hormonal changes affecting their mood after waking up until they lie in bed at night. It is especially true when it’s the time of the month, and they will feel abdominal discomfort, cramps, bloating, headaches, and more.

The circadian rhythm of women is heavily affected by their monthly menstrual cycle, which is the primary reason for the lack of sleep. As a consequence, they will experience tiredness throughout the day.


how long should a pregnant woman sleep?

Do women need more sleep? Yes, most especially when they are pregnant and suffer from restless leg syndrome every night. Sleep is essential to ensure that the baby inside the mother’s womb will be happy and healthy.

Pregnant women will feel exhausted when they don’t acquire enough nutrients and sleep for the day. Fetuses take some of their mother’s energy and make the latter crave sleep and rest.


Women, as they age, will experience hormonal fluctuations, which might cause them irritability at night when they try to sleep. Menopause increases the probability of having sleep apnea, therefore increasing the period of sleep.

Men tend to sleep without interruption, making them achieve the goal of 8 hours per day. It is not a privilege that women have, mainly because of their inconsistent hormonal behaviors.

Women Still Need to Work at Home

It is not to say that women are busier than men. It’s just that the very heteronormative societal norms impose household chores on women. So at the end of the day, women feel more tired than their spouses.

Some women have the privilege of hiring house helpers to do the chores, but this is only the case for some. A study laid down the difference between men and women and their time for paid and unpaid labor at work and inside their homes.

As the world progresses, one can hope that society will be more equal regarding societal expectations. It is to make sure that there will be no difference anymore, especially when it comes to rest and sleep.

How Much Sleep Do Women Need?

How Much Sleep Do Women Need?

There is no significant difference between the sleep needed by men from women. Overall, young adults need to sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours daily to ensure their bodies will be at their peak daily.

But based on a study, women need 11 to 13 more minutes of sleep than men. As the enumeration above explains, there are biological factors that are present and negatively affect women’s sleeping patterns.

The higher risk of sleep apnea and insomnia are just two of the various reasons why women tend to crave more sleep. To decrease the risk of these medical conditions, they must consult a doctor to get a prescription for medicines.

Why Are Women More Tired Than Men?

According to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2010 to 2011, 15% of the women they got answers from admitted that they felt exhausted daily. Men, on the other hand, only have 10% of the total respondents.

It is also provided in the data that the women respondents are in the age bracket of 18 to 44 years old. And thinking about it, these are the times when women decide whether or not to bear children.

This being said, more factors still contribute to their lack of sleep and need to function. But, one cannot deny that women tend to their babies more, experiencing sleepless nights when they are still infants or toddlers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gender Affect Sleep?

Yes, gender does affect sleep. This study discovered how men and women cope with sleeping disorders like restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and sleep apnea.

Unlike men, women take the symptoms of specific sleeping disorders seriously, making them overthink and get negatively affected by them. As a result, the nights will be shorter for them, depriving them of enough sleep to face another stressful day at work.

Why Do Men Sleep Better Than Women?

Circadian Rhythm

One of the main reasons why men sleep better than women is because of the difference between their circadian rhythms. Women tend to get shorter rhythms because of the use of their prefrontal cortex, pushing them to multi-task even at night.

Men also have more balanced hormones, so after shutting their eyes to sleep, they will not feel irritated or have hormonal fluctuations. Another reason is that women might overthink whatever pain or hot flashes they experience at night.

Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men and Why?

Yes, women need more sleep mainly because of how their brains are wired. Throughout the day, they multi-task and use their prefrontal cortex, negatively affecting their sleeping or circadian rhythm.

Having Enough Sleep at Night

Why do women need more sleep than men? Whatever the gender of a person is, having enough sleep at night is a must. It will ensure that one can act right and do their tasks successfully without feeling tired and groggy.

Always remember that sleep is a non-negotiable requirement of a human being. No one can cut this entirely out of their systems because it acts like a charger. Please consult with a doctor when you have trouble sleeping at night.


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