15 Best Superfoods You Should Add To Your Diet Right Away

best superfoods

Eating healthy must be your utmost priority, especially in today’s time. Aside from minimizing your junk food intake, add the best superfoods to your diet. These are the perfect ingredients for meals or beverages like healthy smoothies.

What Are the Best Superfoods?

Below are some of the most nutritious superfoods you can incorporate into your diet for a healthier life. Remember to start slow when changing your diet for a smooth transition.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric SuperfoodYou must drink turmeric tea if you always feel bloated every time you wake up because of the salty food you binged last night. Mix hot water and turmeric powder in your favorite mug and chug everything after reaching the perfect temperature.

Also, turmeric can make delicious dishes like curry and stews. You just need to incorporate additional seasonings to blend everything.

2. Avocado

Next on the list of best organic superfoods is avocado. It is the holy grail of fitness-minded people you see online. Add this to your toast topped with fried eggs for additional protein, and sprinkle salt and pepper on top.

You can also make an avocado smoothie by blending this fruit with almond milk and maple syrup. Crushed ice is also an essential ingredient to soften the unique texture of the avocado.

3. Yogurt

When you have digestive problems, eating yogurt will be a great help. It has good bacteria to help your system dissolve the food quickly. You can add this to shakes and smoothies with different fruits. It will taste sour initially, but you’ll get used to it.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli salad

This vegetable is one of the least liked by kids and even adults. The weird texture when you bite will make you dislike it even more. However, it is considered a super fruit because of its contribution to preventing cancer and other illnesses.

It also has indole glucosinolates which help a lot with indigestion. Blend this veggie with non-dairy milk and add sweeteners like honey for a sweet taste.

5. Salmon

salmon superfood

Eating different kinds of seafood will give you Omega-3 Fatty Acids that can help prevent heart-related diseases. One of the best ones you need to try is salmon. You can do a lot of dishes using this fish, from baked salmon to salmon stew with tamarind.

6. Onion

Are you having problems with your blood pressure? Incorporate chopped onions into all your dishes to maintain your blood pressure healthy level. It may have fumes that can make you shed tears, but this health benefit is worth it.

You can start all your dishes by sauteing onions and garlic for a more aromatic meal. Just ensure you don’t burn them so the flavors will not disappear.

7. Mushroom

A way to prevent breast cancer is by eating mushrooms regularly. It has a very earthy taste that is perfect as an alternative to meat when trying to reduce your meat intake. There are various dishes online you can follow to make mushrooms tastier.

8. Almonds

best superfoods for weight loss

Another superfood to keep your heart healthy is almonds. There are various ways to consume this kind of nut. You can buy almond milk to add to your coffee or those ready-to-eat almonds from the supermarket.

Add cashews, peanuts, and Brazil nuts to your bowl to mix things up for a healthier snack. But of course, you must consume these nuts in moderation because too much of these will provide risks to your health.

9. Dark Leafy Greens

best organic superfoods

If you want to start eating healthier foods, you can incorporate dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach. You can follow salad recipes on the internet like a basic chicken salad: mix greens with chicken breast, seasonings, and vinaigrette in a bowl.

But, if you do not like chewing on leaves, you can always blend them with natural sweeteners like berries, almond milk, and maple syrup. The earthy taste of the greens will still be there, but it will not be that bad, unlike when you eat them as is.

10. Eggs

Eggs are probably the most accessible superfood you could think of. They are still affordable, so you can buy dozens of them daily. You can boil them as it is the easiest way to get all the nutrients you want to consume, like protein, choline, and Vitamin B.

You can still fry eggs but use olive oil instead of the commercially-available cooking oils. Eat them with avocado and wheat bread every morning for the energy you need to survive the day.

11. Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C is an essential factor that can help you avoid coughs and colds. You can eat oranges, grapefruits, and lemons by adding them to warm water in the morning or at night. Eating them raw is also a great idea to consume all the vitamins and minerals.

12. Kombucha

Kombucha superfood

For a healthier gut, drink kombucha. However, having a good relationship with this drink will take a long time. It has a sour and alcoholic taste because of fermentation. However, probiotics are perfect for your digestive system.

13. Dark Chocolate

You can still eat chocolate and be healthy, provided it is a bar of dark chocolate. It has antioxidants from cacao nibs and strengthens the body to fight specific diseases like heart-related ones. It is the food you won’t forget to eat after every meal.

14. Sweet Potato

Instead of eating french fries, you can try air-fried sweet potato fries. This is a superfood that has tons of vitamins and minerals. It can help you avoid having diabetes and can provide the energy you need throughout the day.

15. Black Beans

what are the best superfoods

Last but not least are black beans and legumes. They are the best superfoods for weight loss and have protein for muscle-building. This is perfect for those trying a plant-based diet. They also have health benefits that meat can’t provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the #1 Superfood?

The number one superfoods today are dark green leafy vegetables. The darkey they are, the more benefits you can acquire by consuming them. The best and easiest way to eat these vegetables is to incorporate them into a green smoothie.

What Is the Healthiest First Meal of the Day?

Avocado toast with eggs and coffee with almond milk. This meal is one of the most popular healthy breakfasts today because of all the superfoods like avocado, eggs, and almonds therein. Make sure that you check the proportions not to overeat.

What Should I Eat on the First Day of My Diet?

Eat a meal with lots of protein, fiber, and healthy carbs. You can get these from chicken breasts, legumes, wheat bread, green leafy vegetables, and sweet potatoes. You can cook many dishes online to maintain a healthy diet.

Start Your Superfood Diet Today!

It will always be challenging to immediately incorporate the best superfoods into your diet. However, by taking the first step, you will slowly change your bad eating habits into healthier ones over time. You can try drinking vegetable smoothies for starters.

On top of all these, checking in with a nutritionist or a dietitian is most recommended. You need to know what foods work for you and what don’t. Starting a healthier lifestyle takes courage, and taking the first step today will be all worth it in the future.


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