8 Spring Break Ideas For Families

spring break ideas

Are you and your family eager to spend quality time this spring but don’t know what to do? Look no further. Here are some of the best spring break ideas to bring your family together.


Best Spring Break Ideas for Families

Flowers are blooming, snow is melting, and spring break is finally here. It’s the perfect time to stretch your legs and build your bond with your family. Check out the best family spring break ideas below to get you started.


1. Go to the Beach

spring break ideas for families

The beach is one of the best spring break places for families. They’re enjoyable for kids who love playing in the sand and relaxing for parents who just need a breather. It’s also a better time to go than in the summer because the weather won’t be too hot or cold.

Which beach should you go to? There are tons of options. If you’re up for a flight, why not head to the Hawaiian Islands for tropical fun? Your family can also head to Florida or California to catch some waves or bathe under the sun. There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches along our lovely nation’s coastlines!


2. Visit National Parks

If you want more unique spring break vacation ideas, we recommend going to a national park for your spring break family vacation. There are plenty of options around the country, like Yellowstone in Wyoming, Zion in Utah, or the Glacier National Park in Montana. They’re natural wonders and can be refreshing if you’re tired of the usual beach destinations.


3. Have Fun at Disney World

What is the best place to go for spring break?,

What is the best place to go for spring break? Orlando, Florida, is arguably one of the best places to go during the spring. Firstly, Orlando is home to Walt Disney World — the perfect destination for families with kids. Even if your family is mostly grown up, everybody loves a good amusement park with loveable characters. Disney World is always opening new attractions, so it’ll be fun even if you’ve been there a few times before.

If your family’s not a big fan of rides, there’s always the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival to look forward to. It’s full of beautiful sculptures and floral displays. Moreover, there are two water parks around the area and plenty of exciting animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


4. Relax at a Destination Resort

Suppose you need more toned-down spring vacation ideas. We recommend heading to a destination resort like the Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri or Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa in Tennessee. These resorts are enormous and offer tons of spring activities for the family. There are family game rooms, playgrounds, hot tubs, and spas. You certainly won’t run out of things to do!


5. Travel Outside the U.S.

spring break vacation ideas

Is your family itching for adventure? Why not travel outside the U.S. for some fun? There are many spring break destinations for families out there. For one, you can visit the Caribbean to experience some of the world’s best beaches. Costa Rica or Belize are also beautiful options for exploring the coast and the jungle.

Apart from these, your family could also head to Europe for a cultural trip. There are numerous sights to see in Spain, Italy, and France. Plus, there are many museums and historical sights if you want to make the trip more educational for the kids.


6. Go on Big City Trips

Traveling is undoubtedly fun, but you’re not limited to the beach or national parks. Big cities like New York City and Washington D.C. are also wonderful spring break destinations. They give the whole family opportunities to explore, eat unfamiliar food, and experience bustling city life. There are also many historic landmarks and art galleries if you want cultural immersion.

Apart from these, big cities are also cultural melting pots. Their population and cuisines are very diverse. It’s a great way to expose your kids to different beliefs, ideas, and cultures without going on an international trip.


7. Go Camping

spring break camping

A simple camping trip is perfect for families who love spending time in nature. It’s also an excellent opportunity to show off your culinary skills by cooking or bringing your favorite spring recipes. You only need to pick a destination with good camping spots and ample activities. For example, the Big Bend National Park in Texas is a wonderful spot to engage in watersports, kayaking, or fishing. There are also plenty of hiking trails and natural hot springs.

Meanwhile, places like San Diego, California, offer great family-friendly activities. The urban city is only a short drive away from recreational spots and wildlife refuges. Families can also visit the San Diego Zoo if they want to see both cute and fearsome animals.


8. Go on a Late-Season Skiing Trip

If you miss the winter snow and activities like skiing, why not go on a late-season skiing trip? There are many ski resorts for families like Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Vermont. However, Colorado is arguably one of the best destinations for spring skiing as there are several resorts that offer the activity like Loveland, Breckenridge, and Keystone.

If you want a different destination, your family can also head to Utah. It has hundreds of inches of yearly snowfall. Places like Solitude, Snowbird, and Park City are wonderful destinations for skiing and snowboarding in the spring. California also offers several skiing destinations like Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain.


How Do You Organize a Spring Break Trip?

Now that you have plenty of spring break ideas, it’s time to plan the perfect trip. Here are a few steps to take to plan a well-organized and fun spring break vacation.


1. Set the Budget

Set a realistic budget for the trip. How much are you willing to spend — and how much can you spend? Look at the available funds you have, your future paychecks, monthly expenses, and debts. It’s better to determine your budget now to prevent yourself from overspending.


2. Choose a Destination

Whether it’s the beach, a big city, or a national park, it’s important to set the destination according to your budget. Create a list of places you can afford to go. Consider the cost of transportation, accommodations, food, and activities.

Moreover, it’s best to pick places that will give you the most bang for your buck. More popular destinations, like Cancun and Miami Beach, can get expensive during spring break. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for the less-traveled destinations that don’t attract a lot of tourists or vacationers.


3. Hunt for Deals and All-Inclusive Packages

How do you organize a spring break trip?

Some websites like Groupon or Travelzoo offer all-in-one vacation packages. They might also have promos for certain franchise or card memberships. Take advantage of these travel packages to get the most out of your money.


4. Book Accommodations

If the travel package doesn’t include accommodations, you might need to book a hotel. You can also book RVs or other accommodation alternatives if you go camping at national parks or beaches. Again, it’s best to book accommodations that are within your budget. If you can’t afford it, skip hotels with many amenities and go for budget-friendly hotels or Airbnbs.


5. Bring Pocket Money

You need to bring pocket money on every trip. This will pay for food, shopping, attractions, and other expenses. To avoid overspending or impulse buying, bring just enough for the trip, plus a little extra for emergencies.

You can also bring a prepaid debit or credit card if you prefer to go cashless. Just remember to stick to your budget if you’re using cards. You can use a budgeting app or list all your expenses on a notes app to track your spending.


6. Get Travel Insurance

There’s no such thing as certainty when it comes to traveling. People get sick or injured during trips, and flights can also be canceled at the last minute. These are not only inconvenient but also expensive. That’s why it’s important to protect your money by getting travel insurance.


Springtime Family Fun

Spring break is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with the family. The weather is perfect for all kinds of activities. We hope these spring break ideas have sparked your imagination!


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