Spring Activities For Kids For Some Fun Learning

spring activities for kids

Spring is the perfect season for kids to play outdoors and learn new things. As a parent, it’s essential to keep kids entertained and help them learn more about the world around them. If you’re out of ideas, we’ve listed the best spring activities for kids that are both fun and educational.


Spring Activities for Kids

From practical skills to theoretical education, here are the best spring activities for kids of varying ages.


1. Spring Worksheets

If you want educational spring activities for preschoolers, we recommend giving them spring-themed worksheets. These can offer everything from puzzles to coloring pages and matching games about the season. The kids can learn about weather patterns, flowering plants, and different kinds of insects through these worksheets.

There are plenty of downloadable options online. However, you can also make your own spring worksheet to tailor what you want your child to learn this spring.


2. Spring-Themed Pastries


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If you want more advanced spring activities for kindergarten students, we recommend baking spring-themed pastries with them. It’s a fun activity for both the parent and the child. Plus, the output is delicious!

How do you make spring-themed pastries? If your child is young, it’s important not to overcomplicate things. Start by baking cookies or cupcakes using flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. Don’t forget to buy cookie cutters with spring-themed shapes (like butterflies or flowers). You can also buy decorations, icing, and food coloring to help your child express themselves creatively!

After getting all the materials and ingredients, you only need to prepare the batter. Allow your child to use the spring-themed cutters to create different cookie or cupcake shapes. Once they’re done baking, your child can decorate the pastry with coloring and icing.


3. Mini Windmill Crafts

Windmills are great tools to teach your child how wind works. Go even further by building miniature windmills with them this spring! You only need some pins, paper, pencils with erasers and straws. You can also use recycled milk cartons for the base.

Afterward, all you need to do is cut the paper into a square and fold it diagonally. Make cuts toward the center, but don’t cut all the way. Use the pin to attach the corners to the end of the straw. Afterward, insert the pin into the pencil eraser to stand. Place the windmill on the milk carton to get it to stand. Once you’re done, you can place the windmills outside and watch it spin as the wind blows.


4. Rain Gauge

Spring rains offer the perfect chance to create a DIY rain gauge. With it, your child can learn how much rain falls on a rainy day and learn about weather patterns during the season.

The only materials you’ll need are scissors, a waterproof marker, a plastic bottle, and a ruler. Cut off the top of the bottle and mark it in inches and centimeters on the side. Afterward, place it in the backyard or patio to collect rain. Check how much water it has collected after it rains to teach your child about precipitation.


5. Cloud Journal

Whether or not your kid is aspiring to become a meteorologist, cloud journaling can be a fun and educational spring activity for kids. Take a notebook and allow your child to draw and document different clouds. They can use regular pencils or coloring pencils to enhance their drawing skills. Remember to also use an online cloud identification guide so your child knows what kind of cloud they’re looking at. They can also write down the different weather conditions for each cloud type.


6. Butterfly Garden

spring activities for preschoolers

Gardening is one of the best outdoor spring activities for kids. It’s educational as it starts your kids young and allows them to learn about cultivating plants. Moreover, it’s a great way to add landscaping to your backyard if you only have a spring vegetable garden. All you need are some plants or seeds of flowers that attract butterflies, like marigolds, lavender, or milkweed.

Afterward, grab some gardening tools and get some soil. Choose a sunny area in the garden or yard and plant the seeds in the soil. Water them regularly throughout the season and watch as butterflies begin to come near the garden. Once they visit, your child can note the different species flying to the flowers.


7. Spring Picnic

Picnics are fun family bonding activities for the spring. They’re also pretty educational if you involve the kids in planning. Get them to participate in planning the menu and even help with cooking. They can also help you decide what to drink and outdoor activities.


8. Outdoor Exercise

Spring is excellent for outdoor activities. Why not engage your kids by getting some outdoor exercise? You could play tennis, go running, or teach them how to swim at a local pool. Who knows? You could even ignite your child’s passion for a particular sport and help them discover what they love doing.

If you don’t want to play sports, a walk in the park or jog is also helpful. These are simple ways to get your child to stop consuming electronic content and get some exercise.


9. Bird Watching

outdoor spring activities for kids

There’s nothing like bird watching to teach your child about the different kinds of bird species around your area. It also enhances their observation skills and lets them get fresh air outside. All you need is a guidebook and binoculars. Afterward, you can head to a park with your child to watch the birds. Encourage them to look for and identify birds of different species using the book.


10. Recycling Craft Projects

Upcycling and recycling are vital to saving the earth. Teaching your kid about recycling early on is a great way to teach them the importance of environmental conservation. It’s also a great way to express their creativity.

You only need craft supplies and recyclable materials like old clothes, paper, or plastic bottles. Afterward, think of ideas to repurpose these old items and turn them into more valuable objects. For example, you can turn old clothes into handkerchiefs or create collages from scrap paper.


A Learning Opportunity

There are many spring activities for kids that you can turn into learning opportunities. These activities allow you to enjoy the mild weather together and help your child learn more about the world.


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