What Is The Chattanooga Quantum Network All About?

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The Chattanooga Quantum Network may seem like won’t affect you, but it’s a big step for Chattanooga and Tennessee. It will impact people all across the area no matter what stage they are in life. Why is this important to you? Let’s find out.


What Is the Chattanooga Quantum Network?

The Chattanooga Quantum Network, or EPB Quantum Network, is a fiber optic quantum network in Chattanooga City. It’s also the first commercial quantum network in the country.

The Electric Power Board of Chattanooga (EPB) is leading the initiative. It’s a city-owned company that provides energy and telecommunications services. Moreover, the company is working with Quibtekk to establish the project. Los Alamos National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are also partners.

The EPB hasn’t announced an exact date. But, it did mention that the network will launch sometime in the summer of 2023. Hence, it may launch anywhere between late June to early September.


What Is a Quantum Network?

A quantum network is like any other classical computer network. It connects computers to help them talk to each other. This lets them send data and share resources. But, a quantum network is different because it uses quantum mechanics. It uses quantum bits (qubits) instead of bits as the smallest unit of data.

Computers use both of these to read and store information. The difference is that qubits allow quantum networks to carry more data. This lets computers calculate more things at once. Qubits are also more secure in the way they send information.


What Are the Benefits of a Quantum Network?

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A quantum network can send more information than regular networks. It is also faster. Quantum computers can even run complex processes within seconds. It’s impressive, considering it may take normal computer hours. This can affect industries that use computer modeling. Some examples include industries like finance, AI, manufacturing, and medicine.

Aside from this, these networks are more secure. They may even protect you from travel scams that abuse unencrypted or unsafe tech practices. This works because these networks are not hackable. The data is also encrypted better than the current technology. This ensures your digital safety as a neighborhood watch will protect you from local crime.


How Will the Chattanooga Quantum Network Impact Its Residents?

The Chattanooga quantum networking project will bring more profit and wealth to the area. Something similar happened in 2010 when Chattanooga was nicknamed “Gig City.” Back then, it was the first city in the US to provide gigabit internet speeds. This generated over $2.7 billion in economic activity, according to a University of Tennesee at Chattanooga (UTC) study.

The same thing may happen again now that it’s set to provide 25-gigabit speeds. It’s especially likely as experts believe the quantum computing industry will grow by 31.2% until 2029. Chattanooga is also at the leading edge of this new industry. As such, the area should attract more investors, launch businesses, and generate jobs.

The project will also change education and its curriculums. There’s already a website for quantum network training in Chattanooga. It’s called GigCityGoesQuantum.com. The site offers many resources for curious students. These vary in difficulty and can be suitable for both elementary kids and post-graduate students. There will even be interactive activities and games for kindergarteners.

Furthermore, the new network may affect your work. If you have a business, you may want to transition to the quantum network to keep up with modern technology. It will also affect workers as many companies transition. You may need extra training to apply it in your job. Fortunately, the city’s schools are also planning to train its current workers. The Chattanooga State Community College and UTC are already working on programs for this.

Finally, the new network may improve the city’s quality of life. This is because more investments and jobs usually create wealth for residents. The quantum network may also improve processes in the finance, banking, and medical sectors. Thus, the services within these industries may become faster and easier to use.


How Did Chattanooga Become a Technological Hub?

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Once upon a time, Chattanooga was a slow city in the state of Tennessee. In fact, it wasn’t just slow. It was dying in the early 90s as many industrial companies left.

However, it slowly became a technological and economic hub after a few significant changes. The first was the introduction of the Tennesee Aquarium. It pulled in many investments and businesses, attracting wealth and allowing the city to flourish.

Then came the city’s introduction of 1-gigabit internet speeds in 2010. It was the first in the nation’s western hemisphere to offer it to both residents and businesses. Likewise, it attracted many venture capitalists and corporations to set up shop in the city.


Why Is the Government Introducing a Quantum Network in Chattanooga?

The government is starting a new campaign called “Gig City Goes Quantum” with the entrance of the quantum network. But why is the government introducing this in the first place?

The main reason is that the US Department of Energy is seeking to enhance the nation’s digital security. Introducing the Chattanooga Quantum Network is just the beginning. The goal is to eventually spread the network everywhere and secure the country.

While it starts in Chattanooga, the EPB has also expressed interest in spreading the network across the US. Moreover, quantum computing is the future of technology. Quantum networks are bound to replace (or at least coincide with) current fiber optic networks.

Finally, it was only natural for Chattanooga to be the first city to introduce this technology. That’s because the EPB and Quibtekk started a project years before. They also worked with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory for it.

In 2021, these companies applied quantum encryption in fiber optic loops. This encryption ran between a few electric substations. The project got an award and became the foundation of the EPB Quantum Network.


The Gig City Goes Quantum

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Whether you’re a resident of Chattanooga or Tennessee, the Chattanooga Quantum Network will affect you. It’s going to reel in more investors soon. You can expect more businesses and jobs to open up.

Make sure you prepare for the future by using EPB’s online resources. You can also apply for a local college or university’s programs to educate yourself. This also applies to non-Tennessee residents. After all, the entire nation will also introduce quantum networks soon.


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