12 Community Summer Activities To Bring The Neighborhood Closer Together

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Community summer activities are a great way to bond with your neighbors. They’re fun, engaging, and usually pretty easy to organize. It only takes a bit of creativity and coordination to take advantage of the season’s good weather.


Fun Ideas for Community Summer Activities

Are you excited to get to know your neighbors this summer? Here are some fun activities you can try to break the ice and mingle with other residents.


1. Pool Party

One of the best summer activities for the community is undoubtedly the pool party. After all, who wouldn’t want to cool down in the water on a hot summer day?

All you need is to book the community pool to organize one. Set a date, get the word out with fliers, and get some music going. You can also prepare food by booking street food vendors and buying drinks. Finally, make sure to have floaters and life jackets at the ready to ensure everyone’s safety. Remember to follow all of your HOA’s safety rules to avoid accidents.


2. Block Party

Summer is the perfect time to catch up with your neighbors and organize a block party. It’s also a great way to meet new folks who might have just moved in.

Moreover, organizing it isn’t too hard or expensive. You only need to pick a date a few months ahead and get a permit if necessary. Then put on some music, order food, and bring a few card or board games to make it engaging.


3. Hotdog Supper at the Clubhouse

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Social eating is a great way to connect communities. However, you don’t need to be a five-star chef to bond over a meal. Even simple hotdogs can get the job done. All you need is to fry or grill a few hotdogs and bring them to your local clubhouse. Then you can just hang out and talk to your neighbors while eating.

Of course, you still need to get the word out there to organize this event. You can put up fliers around the area or announce the event via email. Remember to ask permission from your HOA and follow their guidelines, too.


4. Community Barbeque

Summer wouldn’t be complete without some sort of outdoor barbeque. It pairs well with cold drinks and perfectly complements the season. What better way to bring your neighborhood closer than with community cooking sessions like these?

It’s also pretty easy to set up. Just get the ingredients, prepare a place, and put on some good music. You can even make it a potluck where different families can bring barbeque ingredients and grillers. If that’s too complex, you can also hire a barbeque caterer.


5. Outdoor Comedy Club

We suggest hosting an outdoor comedy club if you want more engaging summer community activities. The idea is simple. You can organize a comedy club-type event and host it in the clubhouse or park.

Add a few lighting fixtures to set the mood. Then rent some sound equipment, and you’re done. You can even hire food vendors for light snacks and drinks. Just make sure to clean up afterward and follow your HOA rules to stay safe.


6. Summer Art Festival

A summer art festival may be hard to put together. It involves renting a large space like your community clubhouse or park. You may also need to rent some light and sound equipment or set up a stage.

However, it’s worth the effort if you want to bring your neighbors together. Plus, it’s a great way to enjoy different kinds of art. Painters, dancers, and musicians within the community can come to showcase their work. If you’re up for it, your community can even prepare a small play.


7. Family Book Club

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Reading doesn’t only have to engage the mind. It can also bring families and communities together. How? By sharing insights and exchanging opinions. Family book clubs are a wonderful way to learn about other people’s views on the world. The books you read can also come from any genre of fiction or non-fiction.

Plus, it’s not too much trouble to set up. Just pick a book that families within your community can read. You can ask your local library or your neighbors for suggestions. Then set a date on when to meet and pick a place to meet up. We recommend using an HOA common area. You can bring some light snacks and refreshments on the day, too.


8. Outdoor Movie Night

The best summer activities for families don’t need a lot of planning. One good example is the outdoor movie night. It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is set up a white sheet with some plywood in someone’s backyard. You can even put it up in your community clubhouse or park.

Then prepare a projector and some popcorn for the families, and you’re all set. It’s easy to organize, especially since most movies are available online. Just remember to pick a movie suitable for all ages so everyone can enjoy it.


9. Bake Sale

Nothing can bring people closer than working together on a project. And what better way to do that than to organize a bake sale? You can even make it more interesting by adding a theme. The rest is pretty simple. Set a date, advertise the sale on social media, and get to baking.

You can also create a spreadsheet to plan how many baked goods each family wants to bake. This will keep people from baking too many similar pastries. Remember to put up signs to warn customers about food allergies. That’s because wheat, milk, and eggs are common food allergens found in baked goods.


10. Yard Sale

Even though it isn’t spring, it never hurts to do some cleaning and decluttering. Better yet, you can make it a community summer activity to unite the neighborhood. Just talk to your neighbors and see who would be interested in participating. Then organize a meeting and pick a date. Afterward, the only thing left is advertising the event and arranging the things you want to sell.


11. Community Gardening Day

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Whether you have a community garden or not, organizing a gardening day is a great way to bond. It’s a fun activity that many families can enjoy. You can even plan to landscape communal areas together. This should help you grow closer and help the community by beautifying the area.

The only organization you need is planning where and what to garden. You must also gather supplies like trowels, gloves, seeds, and composting bins. After that, just ask your HOA for permission and set a date.


12. 5K Walk

Walking is a great way to involve everyone in the community. You can even include young kids and some elderly members in your neighborhood. Plus, planning a 5K walk doesn’t take too much. You just need to plan a safe trail around the neighborhood. Remember to divide it into shorter segments, too.

This encourages older or less healthy residents to participate as they can choose to walk a shorter distance. We also recommend using community areas as your start and end points. For example, you can arrange to meet at the clubhouse at a certain time.


Safety Tips for Community Summer Activities

Enlist the Help of Your Neighborhood Watch Committee

Asking your neighborhood watch committee for help should allow your community to participate in peace. This should also prevent accidents or petty crimes during the activity.

Give Residents Access to Water and Shade

Remember to remind your community to bring water and stay hydrated while participating in summer activities. You can even offer water and other refreshments during the event. It’s also a good idea to provide some type of shade. You can do this by providing umbrellas, renting tents, or hosting the event in a shaded area.

Follow Fire Prevention Measures

Remember to follow fire prevention measures if you’re hosting an outdoor barbeque or anything that involves cooking. Remind your neighbors to stay alert about what they’re cooking. You should also set up grills at least 6 feet away from trees and homes. Remember to remind parents to supervise their kids as well. Lastly, keeping fire extinguishers within easy access during any event is a good practice.


Get To Know Your Neighbors With Community Summer Activities

Community summer activities are the perfect way to get to know your neighbors — whether old or new. Some of them can even improve local facilities or common areas. They’re easy to start, too. Just talk to your neighbors, pitch ideas, and start planning!


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