Why Do I Overthink Everything? Here’s How To Curb This Habit

why do I overthink everything

Overthinking is a state of mind where a person thinks about anything and everything except what’s really necessary and makes it a habit. It pushes them to ask themselves, “Why do I overthink everything?” and go into a spiral of thoughts.

Why Do I Overthink Everything All the Time?

It’s no one’s fault why they may overthink things because people tend to do it when encountering dilemmas beyond their control. But, some factors have a big contribution in this regard. Here are some of the causes why people overthink easily:

1. Lacking Positive Affirmations Growing Up

One can only realize that they have a scarcity of affirmation and assurance growing up after developing trauma responses as adults. This results in constantly overthinking what others say about them and what they do.

This is a very hard thing to unlearn as an adult because all those years of fear of anger and rejection are now ingrained in the brain. However, with the help of a licensed therapist, even an adult can unpack and figure out how to get through it.

2. Thinking That One Has Control Over Everything

Another reason why people overthink everything is that they don’t want to admit that they can’t do anything. This is apparent when they are the family members who give their best to be as helpful and useful as possible.

Sometimes, one may feel helpless, and instead of solving the problems that need to be addressed, they tend to overthink to distract themselves. This is not a healthy habit, and one should do their best to accept that everything cannot be controlled.

3. Perfectionism Prevents One From Moving Forward

why do i overthink everything i sayIndividuals overthink a lot because they want everything to be perfect, but one should stop with this mindset immediately. Nobody is perfect, as they say. Hence, people should accept their flaws and utilize them to do things within their capacity.

This is also a reason why people can’t move forward in submitting outputs in school, work, or even in their pending house chores. One needs to remember that accepting flaws will make them even more beautiful than always aiming to be perfect.

4. Living in Uncertain Times Triggers Overthinking

One thing that people don’t like is the uncertainty of the outcomes of whatever they do. Remember that there is no assurance of success when doing something new or stepping out of one’s comfort zone. It may seem scary, but that is how life works.

Knowing this, people might enclose themselves with overthinking and finding possible ways and outcomes that are favorable to them. And wanting things to happen in a certain way, they are afraid to take the first step and just go with the flow of events.

5. Overthinking Seems a Viable Escape

People take advantage of overthinking things to avoid taking action and facing instant rejections. For example, one may tend to overthink and get away from the tasks that need to be accomplished today.

6. Believing That Overthinking Works on Everything

Another reason why people overthink a lot is that they have used it successfully in other circumstances before. And because of this, they think such a way of thinking will help them solve other problems that need urgent actions.

Remember that one should be logical when deciding what responses to give when encountering problems. There is no other way to solve mishaps in life than taking the first step and addressing it head-on.

7. Fear of Conflict Prevents Urgent Actions

why do i overthink everything in my relationship

There are a lot of people who hate conflicts and confrontations. A relevant example in this generation is when friends have had misunderstandings. When one says something hurtful, they might think that the other hates them for life without even talking to them.

When people continue doing this, they may develop a habit of escaping confrontations that might affect them in the future. Remember that it’s okay to be afraid of something, but there will be benefits when you conquer them.

How Do I Stop From Overthinking?

Curbing this habit of overthinking is going to be challenging, but through repetitive actions and asking for help from a professional, there will be benefits that one will obtain. Here are ways to stop overthinking:

1. Practice Being Mindful

People can overcome overthinking with another kind of thinking – being mindful. When individuals are mindful of how they handle things and process information, they can redirect their thoughts into a more productive state.

When there is a hunch of spending long hours thinking about a certain event that happened earlier, altering one’s mind to other things will make them more at ease.

2. Focus on Solving the Problem 

This is the hardest part when one is already devoured by overthinking because solving problems will be the least of their concerns. However, be logical at times like this, and instead of planning how to escape them, focus on how to come up with solutions.

3. Take Time to Meditate

woman meditating

Spend at least 15 minutes to an hour of meditation outside the bedroom and bask in the sun’s rays. This is a way to free one’s mind from thinking too much and feed it with fresh air and calming thoughts.

4. Release Negative Thoughts

When thinking too hard about a certain thought, immediately let go of it. Indulging oneself in a messy mindset will only worsen things, and no one will go anywhere with that. Let go of your thoughts and return to them when they are more relaxed.

5. Do Some Brain Dump

People should practice writing all the things that mess up with their minds on a piece of paper. Do not follow any format, not even tables and bullets. They should write everything that’s bugging them for the last couple of hours to ease their minds.

6. Workout Regularly

If one can’t handle getting out of their overthinking state mentally, diverting such energy into physical activities is recommended. Do brisk walking and running to sweat all your thoughts and feel good right after.

7. Talk to a Medical Professional

Most importantly, seek professional help if you feel the need to. This is the most effective way to curb the habit of overthinking. Verbalizing your thoughts with the help of a licensed therapist is helpful; they help develop new habits for a better life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Relax Your Mind?

When faced with stressful situations and when it feels like negative thoughts will start to cloud one’s mind, step back and take a breather. Going outside may seem simple, but it’s a great way to relax a mind filled with negative thoughts and ideas.

How Can I Improve My Self Care?

why do i overthink everything all the time

To improve one’s self-care, one should start working out regularly, eating healthy, meditating every morning, and doing daily manifestations. People should also start rewarding themselves when they achieve even the littlest achievements in life. 

Why Do I Overthink Everything I Say?

Everyone’s an overthinker by nature. Many people have moments where they overthink because they want to escape their current problems. Asking oneself the question, “Why do I overthink everything?” is overthinking itself. 

People must focus on what they need to accomplish, not things beyond their control. Lastly, seeking medical help from a licensed therapist is the greatest gift one can give themselves. Establish a healthy relationship with your body and mind today.


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