15 Best Electric Smokers For The Juiciest Meat

best electric smokers

Nowadays, cooking has become more accessible, thanks to new cutting-edge technology. You can now use the best electric smokers to make slow-smoked meats even though you don’t have traditional cooking skills.

Best Electric Meat Smokers

PID (Proportional, Integrated, and Derivative) controller units make electric meat smokers unique. Below is a comprehensive list of meat-smoking tools you can use at home. You will see what fits your needs regarding the meals you wish to prepare.

1. Best Wood Chip Smoker: Masterbuilt MB20070122

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First on our list is recommended to those who love slow-cooking meat with wood chips adding earthy flavors. Because of the side chip loading system, you don’t need to worry about interrupting the cooking process when adding wood chips.


  • You can access time and temperature through the digital panel outside the appliance.
  • There is a clear window at the front to see how well your meat is cooking.
  • The side chip loading system makes adding wood chips very convenient in case of a need.
  • You can cook a lot of meat simultaneously because of how spacious the smoker is.
  • And because of the material, you can easily clean the appliance.


  • The only disadvantage of Masterbuilt MB20070122 is that you can’t move it that much because there are no side handles.

2. Best in Performance: Bradley Smoker Professional P10

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If you’re looking for the best digital electric smokers online, one of the best ones you can find regarding performance is the Bradley Smoker Professional P10. It has four racks that can hold enough meat for the whole family.


  • You can store 50 programmable recipes, so you don’t have to adjust the time every time you cook something new.
  • The oil and other meat juices drip trays are easy to clean.
  • You can heat chicken to 165 degrees Fahrenheit quickly.
  • There is an option to independently control the heat and smoke of the appliance independently.


  • You will find it hard to learn all the instructions for using the appliance at first, but you can master it after a few tries.

3. Best for Beginners: Cuisinart 30-inch Electric Smoker

When you just started cooking using a slow-smoking method, you need to try this one first. It is one of the best electric smokers under $300 in the market right now. The thermometer is also very easy to read, not to overcook your barbecues.


  • It is a user-friendly meat smoker because you can easily navigate your way even if it’s your first time cooking.
  • It has a water pan that prevents the meat from dehydrating after long hours.
  • The thermometer is door-mounted, so you can quickly check the temperature.
  • You can move this electric smoker easily because of the side handles.


  • The Cuisinart 30-inch electric smoker is slower compared to its competitors.
  • Because of its build, you will find it challenging to clean the inside of the appliance.
  • Refilling wood chips will interrupt the cooking process because you need to open the door.

4. Best Automated Controls: Bradley Smoker Digital 4 Rack 31-inch

Even if it’s only 31 inches, the cooking space for barbecue meat is big enough. You can cook 1 load to smoke for 9 hours, an average time for the best electric smokers in the market.


  • You can learn how to use this quickly because of the automated controls. The buttons have big labels, so you won’t make any mistakes before pressing one.
  • It has separate burners, one for the smoke and another for the temperature.
  • You don’t need to use your hands when refilling wood chips because this one uses Bradley Bisquettes.


  • Unfortunately, you can’t find Bradley Bisquettes in regular stores, so you must purchase them from the Bradley store.

5. Best Charcoal-Powered Smoker: Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800

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With a maximum cooking temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit, this electric smoker is one of the best ones out there. Aside from smoking meat, you can cook burgers on the top griddle to make food variations on your family days.


  • You have a spacious rack inside this charcoal-powered smoker to cook your favorite meats.
  • It has Bluetooth and WiFi controls for more convenient usage of the device.
  • You can reach 700 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 14 minutes.
  • Worry no more about the stability of your cooking process because Masterbuilt ensures that the temperature is always steady.


  • You should do trial and error because of the lighting process. Watch tutorials on YouTube for easier learning.
  • Another disadvantage is the enormous carbon footprint that this smoker leaves.

6. Best Smoker App-Wise: Traeger Timberline 1300

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This one has the best app for control and is one of the best electric pellet smokers. There are also no levels of racks and cooks the meat in a flat 1,300 square inches cooking surface.


  • The body of Traeger Timberline 1300 is full-insulated, so the temperature will be steady in cooking the meat.
  • It has a sensor that will notify you whenever the pellets are low, and you need a refill.
  • You can adjust the grate height when you want to smoke meat or just grill it.
  • Because of its modern technology, you can run this smoker on generators or inverters.


  • The device itself is expensive, so you can only use it when you have the luxury.
  • The display of temperature is sometimes inaccurate.

7. Best Smoker Price-Wise: Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

One of the most affordable and best small electric smokers is made by Char-Broil. It has 500 square inches of space for smoking meat for your family barbecue days. You can also rely on its heat stability because this has a double wall construction.


  • You can see the current temperature inside because of the gauge installed at the door of the electric smoker.
  • Because of its size, bringing this to other locations is easy.
  • It is a beginner-friendly appliance, so you don’t need to watch many tutorials just to operate it.


  • The size is its disadvantage too. You should find a bigger and more affordable electric smoker if you use it to feed a crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Electric Smoker a Good Smoker?

Yes, an electric smoker is an excellent tool to achieve juicy smoked meat like the one produced by the traditional method. It is perfect for those with a small backyard who want to start smoking meat.

What Size Smoker Is Best?

It depends. When you only need to feed 3-8 guests, you can use the 20-inch electric smokers. It can already cook enough meat for everyone. But you can always go for the 40-inch one if you will use it for a business or just want to have a bigger one.

How Long Do Electric Smoker Appliances Last?

You can use an electric smoker for five to ten years, depending on whether you use it daily or not. Another factor that affects it is how you clean and maintain your appliance at home. Do you clean it adequately and dry it right after?

Have You Tried an Electric Smoker Before?

There is no reason not to try cooking using the slow-cook and smoking method because electric smokers are available online. The juicy meat that comes out of them after long hours of cooking is top-tier.

However, do not rush when buying one of these cooking tools because they are expensive. You need to know what features you want to have and your budget range. Cook your heart out with the best electric smokers on the market.


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