25 Thanksgiving Safety Tips To Remember This Holiday

thanksgiving safety

It can get pretty hectic around this time of the year, causing you to forget about Thanksgiving safety. A lot of things can go wrong, not only in the kitchen but also on the road or at home in general, especially when you let yourself lose focus. Fortunately, there are some tips you can apply to keep everyone happy and safe this coming Thanksgiving.


The Most Important Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving can be a very busy time, especially if you’re preparing a feast, hosting a party, or traveling. In the midst of all the chaos, you might end up throwing caution to the wind. But, there are many things that can go awry when you fail to prioritize safety.

Here are the best Thanksgiving holiday safety tips to keep in mind.


Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips

You can’t have Thanksgiving without a feast. According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking is the leading cause of home fires, with Thanksgiving being the peak day for home cooking fires.

Whether you’re preparing a small meal or throwing a large party, there are some things you must consider regarding kitchen safety. Here are the most essential safety tips when hosting a Thanksgiving party or cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Never leave your kitchen with the burner still on. Keep a close eye on your pan. You would be surprised at how quickly it can go from bad to worse when you become careless.

2. Fried foods are delicious and a staple around this time of the year. However, frying food can quickly start a grease fire, so watch what you’re doing at all times. Don’t let your focus wander!

3. Don’t wear long sleeves when cooking, as they can catch fire. If you have to wear long sleeves, roll them up before cooking.

4. Children and pets should stay at least 3 feet from the stove. If they must be in the kitchen, keep an eye on them or have someone else watch them.

5. Pay attention to what you’re cooking. Turn the burner off at the first sign of smoke or boiling grease.

6. Don’t open the oven if there’s an oven fire. Instead, turn the oven off and close the door until the fire dies.

7. Keep flammable objects away from the stove. These include curtains, paper towels, dishtowels, bags, and more.

8. Pot handles should face the back of the stove to avoid knocking them over.


More Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips

9. If you’re going to fry a turkey, do it outdoors. Keep the fryer on a steady surface and keep flammable objects away. Ensure you thaw your turkey completely before frying to avoid a grease fire.

10. Inspect smoke alarms and make sure they’re in good working order. See to it that you have smoke alarms installed near areas where people sleep. This way, they can hear the alarm clearly.

11. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Grease fires should never be put out with water, which can only worsen things.

12. If the fire is too big to address yourself, call 911 and evacuate the home.


Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

It’s not uncommon for people to travel before, during, or after Thanksgiving, especially if they’re heading home for the holidays. Traveling can bring all sorts of hazards, though, so remember these safe driving tips on Thanksgiving.

13. Monitor the weather and road conditions at all times. Consider altering your plans if the weather or temperature is too harsh.

14. Make sure to have a mechanic do a full vehicle check-up before driving, especially for long road trips. Having your car break down in the middle of a long drive can be very troublesome. You might not even get an emergency response immediately because the demand increases around this time of the year.

15. If you’re traveling with kids, remind them to always stay with an adult. They should never talk to strangers or follow strangers to their cars. If you’re traveling with pets, keep them on a leash so they don’t escape or harm others.

16. Be prepared for emergencies and have a fully stocked flashlights, jumper cables, and first-aid supplies kit. A tool kit also comes in handy.

17. Safety first! Always wear your seatbelt in the car. Remind your passengers to do so as well.


More Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

18. Get enough sleep the night before a drive. If you lack rest, your vision and judgment may be impaired. This could lead to accidents or worse.

19. Alcohol-related deaths are very common, with about 37 people dying in drunk-driving crashes every day in the United States alone. Never drink and drive!

20. Avoid distractions. Don’t text or play games on your smartphone while driving, even if there is considerable traffic. Keep the music volume at a reasonable level.

21. Maintain a safe distance between vehicles. Avoid tailgating, as that can lead to serious accidents.

22. Make sure you have adequate car insurance coverage. That way, if anything happens on the road, you’re protected by your insurance provider.


Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Pets can bring joy and light to any home, so owners naturally want them to remain happy and safe, too. Here are Thanksgiving Day safety tips for pet owners.

23. If you have guests, keep your pets in a separate room to avoid stressing them out. Stress can trigger aggression in some pets, putting guests in jeopardy. Plus, you don’t want your pets to feel uneasy in their own home.

24. Ask guests not to feed pets any table scraps. Not everything on the dinner table can be fed to animals. Garlic and chocolate, for instance, can have an adverse effect on cats and dogs. Just in case, make sure to know the directions to the nearest emergency vet.

25. Properly dispose of food waste to prevent pets from rummaging through and eating them.


Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

Cooking fires and other hazards are completely preventable. All you need to do is implement these Thanksgiving safety tips. In doing so, you can keep everyone safe and smiling!



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