Play These Thanksgiving Games And Have A Memorable Time With The Family

Thanksgiving games

There’s nothing like Thanksgiving games to bring people together during the holiday season. They’re fun and perfect for family gatherings, whether large or small.


Fun Thanksgiving Games for an Unforgettable Holiday

There are tons of things to prepare during the fall season. Families strive to cook the best Thanksgiving meals and side dishes to welcome their relatives during the holidays. They also try to prepare their home and do some cleaning before the guests arrive.

However, no Thanksgiving is complete without a few activities. After all, there will be downtime during family gatherings. What better way to get people to bond than through Thanksgiving games? Here are some fun games you can try with your family this November.


1. Pumpkin Checkers

In truth, it’s not hard to find fun games to play on Thanksgiving. That’s because almost any game can turn into a Thanksgiving game as long as it’s on theme. Why not consider playing a classic round of checkers? However, instead of using regular checker pieces, consider using small white and orange pumpkins.

If you don’t have a checkerboard, you can DIY one with a 30-inch square wooden board. Just paint it using burnt orange craft paint and use orange paint to create the 32 squares. Just like that, you’re good to go! It might not accommodate multiple players but at least some of them can play on the side while waiting for dinner.


2. Thanksgiving Family Feud

Are you looking for funny Thanksgiving games? Why not create your own Thanksgiving Family Feud game? Just like the popular game show Family Feud, two teams can play against each other and come up with popular answers to various questions. The family with the most points gets into a lightning round. They’ll get a chance to win prize money if they succeed.

This game is pretty easy to set up. You’ll only need a buzzer (or bell), a poster board with answers, a scorecard, and a list of questions. It’s not at all hard to make. Moreover, you can even make the questions Thanksgiving-themed or throw in some inside jokes only family members know. It’s the perfect activity for large gatherings!


3. Hand Turkey Race

Do you want fun family Thanksgiving games that both adults and kids can enjoy? We recommend trying the hand turkey race. The rules are simple: the adults can all participate and race to create the perfect hand turkey. There will be a time limit so the participants have to use their time wisely.

Once the time is up, the kids can be the judges. They can vote on the best design made by the adults. Whoever has the most votes wins! It’s unconventional but guaranteed to be fun. Plus, it gives the adults the opportunity to unleash their inner child. You can also reverse the roles if you want the kids to be the ones to draw. Anything goes!


4. Thanksgiving Charades

Thanksgiving Charades

Everyone loves a good game of charades. That’s why it’s one of the most popular family games to play on Thanksgiving. All you need are some written words on pieces of paper, a bowl, and a one-minute timer.

The party planner can come up with the words beforehand or on the spot. They can be related to Thanksgiving or insider family knowledge. It’s easy to set up as long as you have some pen and paper. The game is perfect for last-minute party planning. Plus, everyone can take part in the fun — even the kids!


5. Family Photographer Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for engaging Thanksgiving games for kids, we recommend the family photographer scavenger hunt. It’s an easier game to set up than a regular scavenger hunt because you don’t need a lot of supplies. All you have to do is provide cameras (or camera phones) to the kids. The kids can go in pairs and share one camera.

What are the rules? They’re simple. Provide the kids with a list of family members they need to take pictures with. They have to find the family member and be in the shot with them for it to count. The pair that takes the most photos wins a prize.

You can also mix it up by requiring more than one family member to be in the shot with them. For example, the kids might need to take a photo of grandma with one of their uncles. The prompts can also be more mysterious and not include names. Instead, they can include descriptors. For instance, the list can include taking a photo with someone from Maryland or Florida. You can also use other descriptors like someone with glasses, someone wearing boots, and so on.


6. Traffic Yam Thanksgiving Race

There’s nothing like a good race to get the blood pumping and the guests to feel more relaxed. This game is one of the best Thanksgiving activities for the family as every family member can participate.

How do you play? Firstly, each person needs to take a raw yam or sweet potato and roll it to the finish line with a spoon. The participants have to race to get their yam from one side of a line to the other. You can use painter’s tape to draw the lines on the floor for each participant.

To make things more interesting, the players can also push other participants’ yams. This encourages people to sabotage other players. It can be lots of fun. Whoever crosses the finish line with their yam first wins.


7. Thanksgiving Sack Race

Thanksgiving Sack Race

If you want family friendly Thanksgiving games, you can’t go wrong with the classic sack race. The same rules apply, but you can find Thanksgiving-themed sacks online to make it more in line with the holiday. Afterward, you’ll only need enough sacks for each member and a large field or open space to play on.


8. Thanksgiving “Would You Rather”

Do you need non-physical Thanksgiving games for adults? We recommend playing a themed game of “Would You Rather.” The family members and guests can all play at the dinner table before or after the meal. Each person gets a series of “Would You Rather” questions from a bowl.

The questions can be themed but they can also be random if that’s too hard. You can simply decorate the jar containing the questions with Thanksgiving decorations to make it festive. It’s a fun and simple game to play. Moreover, it can help you get to know your family even deeper if you ask the right questions!


Thanksgiving Games for a Special Celebration

With the right Thanksgiving games, you’ll be sure to have tons of fun with family and friends. After all, games have a way of bringing people together and making them more relaxed around each other. Whether your family is big or small, they’re perfect for the holiday.


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